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IEOR is now the home academic department of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (CET) and the Engineering Leadership Professional Program (ELPP) developed and led by Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu(link to Dean Sastry's message)

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Our Berkeley IEOR Alumni Social
at Thirsty Bear Restaurant
was an incredible success!

Thank you to all who attended.

We are already in the planning stage for our next Alumni Social. Don’t miss it!

Lee Fleming wins this year's
INFORMS Technology Management
Best Paper Award for his paper:

"Mobility, Skills, and the Michigan
Non-Compete Experiment".

Two IEOR Alumni
to receive volunteer awards from the
UCBF Trustees this Spring!

Bob Sanderson ('66, '70) awarded
The Wheeler Oak Meritorious Award!

This award is given to those alumni and
friends who have excelled in a leadership
position for one or more fundraising
programs over a period time.

Sabina Del Rosso ('13) awarded
The Young Bear Award!

This award is given to a student,
young alumnus, or friend who has
demonstrated outstanding achivement
on a fundraising project or campaign,
or who has accomplished successful
outreach to the community or alumni.

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IEOR 4th floor Renovation Project is on the horizon. Its modernization will revitalize the department's current facilities, directly enhancing teaching and research throughout the IEOR Department and boosting productivity across all programs. Read more.

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